The School of Social Justice will release our second series of educational video podcasts this September 2023. The videos are a collection of interviews with changemakers fighting for justice.

“Throughout history, there have been conversations that have literally changed the world,” says Alvin Ross Carpio, founder of the School of Social Justice. “My job as host is to seek that wisdom through conversation, and capture knowledge, and share this on video so our audiences can learn something, take action, and commit their life to making a difference.”

The series will feature a stellar cast of people: the first black woman to become deputy mayor of one of the most influential cities in the world; a barrister taking on the King and the police, fighting for people’s freedom of speech; and a Filipina human rights activist who campaigns against repressive regimes, and who witnessed her friends be killed for fighting for a cause. These are only three of the eighteen social justice warriors interviewed in the video podcasts, sharing lessons about addressing injustices such as racism, sexism, environmental damage, human rights abuses, poverty, and inequality. The entire cast of teachers will be revealed later this year.

Anybody with access to the Internet can watch these videos. The School of Social Justice’s vision is a world where anybody – no matter their background – can learn how to make a difference. This is why they give access to this educational content for free.

“We want to reach “amateurs” in this space,” Carpio says. “By “amateur” I mean it in the original sense of the word, which is “to love”. An amateur does something, even though they might be bad at it, out of love for it.” Carpio emphasises that this series is for aspiring changemakers, young and old, who want to make a difference.

“We are building the school for the kid who has joined their first protest, the retired grandma who wants to give back, the professional who wants to make a bigger contribution outside of work, the teenager who has signed their first petition, the person who has started volunteering for a cause. This is for people starting their journey, who want to learn the fundamentals of changemaking from experienced activists. We hope that someone watches one of these interviews and learns something valuable from the changemakers who have done it before. We hope they take the baton and commit themselves to this kind of work.”

The full-length video interviews will be published every Monday from September 2023, and can be accessed through YouTube. Highlight clips will be published weekly on TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Threads, and Instagram. The last episode will be published at the end of Q1 2024.

The School of Social Justice aims to teach 10,000 people how to make a difference, so they can each go on to improve the lives of 100,000 people, so that 1 billion people’s lives are impacted.

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