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Nominate the people you believe could be the next Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Please keep this short and sharp and pithy. Think of it like a headline statement of their contributions thus far, their character, and/or their potential.


1. You can nominate as many people as you want.

2. Nominations close on Friday 31st May 2024.

3. The School of Social Justice team and advisors will long-list nominations, then invite a short-list of candidates to speak with. We will then decide who to award the 2024 fellowship to.

4. This fellowship is free, and is funded by contributions from nonprofit foundations and trusts and philanthropists.

5. This is our pilot fellowship. We hope to build upon this, and offer future fellowships, which learn from this inaugural programme. The programme will be raw, new, fresh, and in many ways, will provide an exciting moment for participants, who will also play a part in shaping its future.

6. Of course, let’s be real. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was an iconic leader in history, whose work and contributions and life cannot be replicated. He is a hero to many, and an inspiration. And that is the point of our work and this fellowship: MLK’s life has inspired and is inspiring many people to contribute to our society through peaceful means, to address what he called, the Three Evils of Society: racism, materialism, and war. We are driven by his role modelling, and also aware and are appreciative of his humanity, too. By saying we are looking for the next MLK, we are saying we are looking to support people who aspire to make the world a better place. We are saying that we are guided by his example. MLK himself was deeply influenced by Mahatma Gandhi, another iconic leader in history. To be clear, the School of Social Justice also shares the lessons and teachings of other historic leaders who won change, like Gandhi, Pankhurst, Aquino, Rizal, Freire, and Garvey. We also share lesson by modern-day contemporary leaders. Our vision is a world where anybody, no matter their background, can learn how to make a difference. And Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., is an example of someone who valued education, and dedicated a significant portion of his life teaching, and fighting for social justice. That is why this fellowship is dedicated to his legacy.

7. If you have any further questions, please email